Update on orders…

Just want to let you know that on top of everything else, my computer hard drive got fried on Thursday. It is off getting replaced and I will have it back on Monday. All orders are delayed even more now. I feel like this is the umpteenth time I have to ask you all for a bit more patience and I promise I will catch up once things are fixed.

I am anxious to get back to ‘normal’ and keep things at a reasonable pace.  I can move around the studio a little better now  with the help of my walker and have been following doctors orders and getting stronger. I will answer all emails and such once my computer is back on my desk. Thanks again for everything! ❤️ Joan


Good Grief!

Well, as many of you already know, I took a tumble on the ice about a week ago and fractured my pelvis. After a week in the hospital I am back home and readjusting to this new ‘inconvenience’. If you’ve placed an order and haven’t heard back from me, now you know why. I was stopped midstream in shipping charts and hope to be able to start catching up with things in a few days.

I am getting around the house OK with a walker and pain meds so I hope that recovery will go fairy quickly. In the meantime, I’ll be going at a slower pace. I’m being well taken care of here, following doctor’s orders, doing the rehab exercises, and resting a lot.

Angels are finally shipping…

The first orders  are finally going out for the Angel of Cross Stitch charts. Thanks to all of you for your patience while I was fidgeting with the chart. Once I send your chart pack out, you will receive a tracking number from Paypal. Wholesale orders have started to go out too so you can check in with the usual shops to see when they expect them.

Angel Floss List

I’ve just put up a new page with the floss and bead usage for the Angel of Cross Stitch design. Now you can check your stash and gather supplies. Stitch count and design size are included so please click here for all the necessaries.

New Kits from Design Works Crafts

Family and friends

I am happy to tell you that my designs for Family and Friends, made up as kits from Design Works Crafts, will be available through Herrschners this month. You can click here to order.

The Angel of Cross Stitch

© The Angel of Cross Stitch

JE200 © The Angel of Cross Stitch

Sorry for the delay but here she is…finally!  The Angel of Cross Stitch uses the full palette of DMC six strand embroidery floss, 454 colors! This will surely be a labor of love should you choose to stitch her. It is a wonderful way to dig into your stash and use the left over bits and pieces of floss you’ve been saving all these years. Originally designed in 1999 for the now gone Cross Stitcher magazine in the USA, I have given her an update by including the DMC colors that have been added since that time and deleting any discontinued colors. Even if you do not have all the colors, this design is flexible enough to substitute what you have for many of the stitches. I’ve refined some lines in the face and hands so she has a bit more delicate look than the original. The charts are symboled charts with the symbol drawn in four easy to read colors. I’ll be starting a page on Facebook so we have a nice little support group if any questions should arise while stitching. I’ll post the link when I have that set up.

Shipping of this chart will begin around January 3rd and the charts are available through my ‘Order Chartpacks’ page on this blog and soon will be available at all of the online stores I distribute to.

Thanks again for all your patience! X Joan


Holiday Cheer

Pile O Snowmen Card

Thank you dear friends. Your kindness, support, and encouragement have truly helped get me through the past six months. May we all look forward to a new year filled with love, happiness, good health and peace. Oh yes, and lots of new designs too !

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