Back In My Studio

I am back to work after a fabulous visit to Stitch It Central in Ingersoll, Ontario. Thank you Maria and Rui Santos for making it a perfect weekend stitch along. A good time was had by all and the Stitch It Central shop is a treasure trove of everything cross stitch. In addition, you will find the most  wonderful quilting supplies, lots of classes to attend, and they offer expert framing services. Please be sure to visit them if you are in the area.

You will find Stitch It Central at 189 Thames St S, Ingersoll, ON N5C 2T5, Canada +1 519-303-1563.

Maria and Rui’s personal attention to every customer and the complete stock of everything a stitcher could ever want is incredible! You can have a peek at all they have to offer here: Stitch It Central

Thanks too to all the lovely stitchers that attended. Here we are:


A Good Time Was Had By All

As a treat for all my friends in Canada, I designed a special chart titled ‘Canadian Beauty’. Maria has a lot in stock so if you are in Canada (or elsewhere) you can now order directly from Stitch It Central.

JE145 Canadian Beauty

JE145 Canadian Beauty
© Joan A. Elliott

I will be posting some new chartpacks for sale later next week including Canadian Beauty, so stay tuned!

XOX Joan

The British Craft Awards

British Craft Awards

Vote for All Your Favorites

It’s time for the annual British Craft Awards from the publishers of Cross Stitch Crazy, The World of Cross Stitching, Cardmaking & Papercraft and Quick Cards Made Easy. For the first time in the awards’ history they’ve got a fully responsive website,, where you can vote online, as well as using traditional postal votes. Everyone who votes will be entered into a prize draw to win one of three fabulous prizes – a year’s worth of crafting stash!

June Notes

As we look forward to  the  warmer weather our thoughts turn to  the pleasant times we can now spend outside. What a delight it would be to stroll down a quiet country lane with some friends. Now out in the latest issue of the World of Cross Stitching (#166), my country girl and her gaggle of geese seem just right to lead the way.

Country Girl

Girl with Geese copyright Joan A. Elliott

Also with this issue you will receive a booklet  containing a selection of  35 designs gathered from all of my books. They come to you with compliments of David and Charles, The World of Cross Stitching, and myself!

WOCX Chart Book

©Photo courtesy of Origin Publishing, Ltd.

In Cross Stitch Gold issue 76 you will see my Tree of Life. As many of you know, I love nature, watching birds, and seeing deer, fox, and raccoons (not to mention a bear feasting on a fallen limb of ripening apples and  a moose eating my azaleas!) when we spend time in Vermont. The tree of life encompasses all those experiences and more. These days, I think it’s especially important  to recognize the dignity of all living creatures and celebrate their existence.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life © Joan A. Elliott

Cross Stitch Collection issue #185 has my Swirling Peacock design. Inspired by the beautiful movement of the designs from the Art Nouveau era, this jeweled creature  takes us on a delightful flight of fancy.


Swirling Peacock © Joan A. Elliott

Coming next week…

I will be releasing the chartpack of  the Unicorn & Maiden towards the end of next week. Shipping will start on June 26th.

Unicorn & Maiden

Unicorn & Maiden ©Joan A. Elliott JE015

I love this time of year when I scramble to find time to putter in the garden. All the veggies are finally planted and foxglove, poppies, and iris are in bloom. What a delight to see the world burst into the lavish colors of early summer!

Here’s a pick from last week’s visit to Vermont. I am convinced there must be fairies in there somewhere. Perhaps hiding in all the weeds!

My Garden

June Delight © Joan A. Elliott

To all of my friends ‘downunder’ and elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere that are now in  the winter season, I send you warm thoughts and hope all this talk of gardening will ward off some of the winter chill.

May News

Hi Everyone!

Spring is a season for love, love, LOVE! There are two new designs for you coming in next month’s magazines that honor and celebrate all happy couples out there. For the UK Cross Stitcher issue 214, I’ve created a sweet band sampler that can be used for anniversaries, weddings or just to celebrate  the  love of two people  that are meant for each other. I used an Assisi technique in much of this design, using the background fabric as ‘fill’. Pretty pearl beads add an extra elegant touch. This sampler  uses a limited palette and stitches up quickly.


Eternity Sampler © Joan A. Elliott

Eternity Sampler © Joan A. Elliott


The May flowers are everywhere and despite a lot of rainy weather here in the Northeast, it’s wonderful to see the lilacs, wisteria, tulips and irises starting to bloom. Such lovely images fill my mind these days. The soft pastel colors and heady scents of the season are beautiful inspiration. In Cross Stitch Collection’s June issue (171) you’ll find a new wedding sampler design created with the soft shades and romance of Spring in mind. I’ve pictured this piece on Polstitches ‘Dawn Chorus’ 28 count hand dyed Jobelan but it would also work well on white or antique white linen.

Wedding Sampler © Joan A. Elliott

Wedding Sampler © Joan A. Elliott

 I will be posting a set of skin and hair color variations on my Chart Notes & Correction page so you can customize it for the special couple in your life.

More to come soon.

Happy Holidays!



Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Greetings Everyone. It has just started snowing here in New York so I thought it was the perfect time to start on my Christmas blog update. Things in the studio are busy with many new projects going on at once. As you may already know, Bewitching Cross Stitch went on sale earlier this month. I’ve had many  wonderful responses from so many of you. Thank you for all the lovely words and enthusiasm! The January issue of Cross Stitch Collection will feature the Mother Moon chart.

Mother Moon from Bewitching Cross Stitch © Joan A. Elliott

Mother Moon from Bewitching Cross Stitch © Joan A. Elliott

Inside the book you will find a Father  Sun chart making for a beautiful pair.

There are some new Christmas  designs currently available in the UK magazines too. This year, a nostalgic Victorian theme runs through all the pieces.

Angel in White © Joan A. Elliott

Angel in White © Joan A. Elliott

 Stitched on a rich burgundy evenweave, my Angel in White brings an elegant touch to a familiar holiday image. This design has  lots of gold metallic thread and sparkling beads to give it a festive touch. You’ll see her on the cover of Cross Stitch Collection Issue 163.

Christmas Past © Joan A. Elliott

Christmas Past © Joan A. Elliott

I love the  thought of  snow falling at Christmas time while we rush around doing all our last minute chores. These  children  make the day bright as they excitedly post their letters to Santa and head home with all the holiday trimmings. Look for this happy scene in Cross Stitch Collection Issue 165.

Victorian Lady © Joan A. Elliott

Victorian Lady © Joan A. Elliott

Dressed in all  her holiday finery a windswept Victorian Lady enjoys a stroll on a wintry evening. You’ll find this  design in The World of Cross stitching Issue 144.

Nativity © Joan A. Elliott

Nativity © Joan A. Elliott

This peaceful Nativity scene was inspired by the stained glass windows of the Arts & Crafts movement in the early 20th Century. It appeared in Issue 61 of Cross Stitch Gold.

I have been receiving quite a few request for charts that have appeared in the UK magazines. I know these magazines are often not readily available here in the States so with the New Year I hope to be able to start putting these  into leaflets for you which you will be able to purchase through this blog. With some technical issues to resolve, I hope it won’t be too long. I’ll keep you posted. I have been working on a series of new fantasy designs for the magazines  so keep your eyes open for those starting in the Spring.

In rubber stamp news, I am putting the finishing touches on two new sets of stamps for ladybugandfriends. Now that they have made their stamps available online through  you’ll be able to find these and my Autumn and Christmas stamps quite easily no matter where you are located.

For 2009 I wish you all the best for a year filled with much love and happiness, the joy of creativity and the warmth and comfort of family and friends. May it be filled with a spirit of hope that will carry us all through these challenging times.


Joan A. Elliott

©Joan A. Elliott

Bewitching Cross Stitch!

Bewitching Cross Stitch ©Joan A. Elliott ©David & Charles, Ltd            Bewitching Cross Stitch ©Joan A. Elliott ©David & Charles, Ltd

I am thrilled to finally be able to post a picture of the cover of my latest book! I hope you will all keep an eye out for it in a couple of months. The paperback will be available in the US and UK in February 2009. This book was such a joy to work on and it seemed that each chapter sparked my imagination for the next. You’ll find  a mysterious wizard, playful fairies, a sparkling dragon, and all sorts of magical creatures inside. As always  projects range from simple to complex so there is something that I’m sure everyone will enjoy at every skill level. More than forty designs for framed pictures, a boys treasure box, a bewitching recipe book, delightful cards, cushions, ornaments and more fill the pages, all with easy to read charts and instructions included for stitching and making up.

Back Home Again


I’ve just returned home from Vermont and I have lots to show you now that I am back to my high speed connection. It was a wonderful summer filled with peace and quiet, many visits from family and friends and delicious bounty from our garden. I picked the last of the blueberries before I left so I can still squeeze out a batch of morning muffins. Of course we also brought home a countless number of cucumbers and zucchini so there will be lots of cucumber and yogurt salad, curried zucchini soup and zucchini bread to be made. Our land is blessed with a number of very old apple trees that we have been restoring and pruning back slowly and, as promised, they have produced a huge crop of apples this year. Although they are gnarly and spotted and we share most of them with the wildlife, I made a nice apple pie to serve to our guests over the weekend. Next year I hope to be able to identify just what type they are. I suspect there may be some antique varieties in the bunch since the  original farm was started nearly 200 years ago. This beautiful earth has so much to offer!

So, now back to  the city. It’s a quiet day here in Brooklyn and perfect for catching up telling you all about what I’ve been working on these past two months.

I’m delighted to be a contributor to a new Christmas book from David & Charles titled A Cross Stitcher’s Countdown to Christmas. I’ve joined seven other designers to create 25 chapters filled with Christmas cross stitch ideas. My designs include a Nativity picture, an heirloom Advent Calendar, and a cheerful Santa post bag to store all your holiday greetings. In fact, you will find the Advent calendar featured in the latest issue (#204) of the UK CrossStitcher magazine.

Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas ©David & Charles, Ltd

   Countdown To Christmas is ©David & Charles, Ltd 2008 


photo ©CrossStitcher

photo ©CrossStitcher


Keeping with the Christmas theme, look for the new ad from Charles Craft featuring my Nutcracker Suite designs. You can purchase a copy of the chart from Charles Craft. Please see the link  to Charles Craft on my Supplies and Resources page.

©Joan A. Elliott ©Charles Craft, Inc

©Joan A. Elliott ©Charles Craft, Inc


On the cover of Cross Stitch Collection (Issue 161) this month you will find a new geisha figure I’ve designed. Summer flowers in pretty pastel colors are the theme in this issue and I was happy to contribute along with all the other talented designers you’ll see inside.

Geisha design ©Joan A. Elliott

Geisha design ©Joan A. Elliott

                                      cover ©Cross Stitch Collection

And now for another new adventure… I had great fun working on some rubber stamp designs over the summer for a Norwegian company named ladybugandfriends. The folks there are a such delight to work with and I am excited to be a part of this growing enterprise as they expand into the international market. So far I have designed stamps for both Christmas and Autumn with more themes in the works. Please go to my Supplies and Resources page to link to their website and see their beautiful collections of stamps and papers.

©Joan A. Elliott © ladybugandfriends

©Joan A. Elliott © ladybugandfriends


ladyybugandfriends Autumn Stamps ©Joan A. Elliott ©ladybugandfriends

©Joan A. Elliott ©ladybugandfriends

 So, it was a busy summer. In the next update I’ll be showing you many of the upcoming Christmas designs  from the magazines.

Until then, all the best to everyone!