Please Check Your Magical Butterfly Key

I have heard from some stitchers that there seems to be a misprint on some of the keys that went out with the chart pack JE096 The Magical Butterfly.

It might be that it included an incorrect key. Here are the two keys that went out. Please feel free to print off the one that matches your chart if you received the incorrect key:


JE096 Key

JE096 The Magical Butterfly



JE096 Magical Butterfly
Key 2


Remembrance Alphabet

If I have forgotten to put this into your chart pack, here is the alphabet for Remembrance.


Remembrance Alphabet
© Joan A. Elliott

Correction for B&W Chart JE119 A Year of Magical Stitching

I’ve just been made aware of a symbol error on the black & white chart for The Year of Magical Stitching. The symbol for  DMC 166 and DMC 676 appear to be the same on the black & white version only. I have made the correction on my master chart but for those  who have purchased this chart already  here is some help with the placement of DMC 166. Please use the photo for reference. This should help you sort things out.

So to clarify a bit while referencing the color picture.
Use 166 for:
Lightest yellow green in hat  & shirt
Lightest yellow green in Mama Dragon
Lightest Green in the top of the big mushroom
Doorway and lower window frames
Second mushroom from the right
Lightest yellow green in the fish tails & fins
The mermaids belt and tail
Lightest yellow green on the flowing ribbon
Lightest  yellow green on the leaves, windows, door frames, and steps
The leaves in the tiny flower in the left side fairy’s hand

For placement of DMC 161, Lightest Yellow Green © Joan A. Elliott

JE123 1920’s Flapper Chartpack Alert!

To all of you that may have recently purchased the  Black & White chart pack JE123 1920’s Flapper, it seems that some of the black & white chart packs have gone out with the wrong key. Below you will find the corrected key. Please check it against the chart you have purchased to make sure you have the same symbols in the key as appear in the chart. I am posting the updated key below for you to print and use should the one in your package not match the symbols on your chart. This correction does not pertain to the color chart packs or any of the charts in the magazines.


Corrected key for black & white chart pack only.

Medieval Maiden Correction

Medieval Maiden

Medieval Maiden Shading Correction

Sorry for the missing shading on that wee bit of sleeve drape on the Medieval Maiden in Cross Stitch Collection. Here is the shading correction.

Cinderella Bead Correction

It has come to my attention that the first batch of the Cinderella Chartpacks, JE084, have an error on one of the bead numbers. The key reads 03014  but it should be 03041, a white bead. Please check the key when you receive your chartpack and make a note of the correction. New  printing rounds will have the correct number. So sorry for any inconvenience!

Cross Stitch Treasures for Children Instruction Correction

treasures correction

Corrected Column Headers page is © Annie’s Publishing

It has come to my attention that in my new book Cross Stitch Treasures for Children, on page 46 the column headings beneath the photo have been jumbled. Here is the corrected page. I and the folks at Annie’s hope this has not caused any inconvenience  and hope this corrected page will easily clear things up for you. Also, someone else mentioned that when the book refers to working on Aida in some of the chapters it says to work over ‘one thread’ but it may be better to call it one block as beginners will be able to see that more clearly when looking at Aida fabric.

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