Cinderella © Joan A. Elliott Photo Courtesy of Cross Stitch Gold

I love the imaginary world of Fairy Tales and still have my well worn childhood books to treasure and bring inspiration to my designs. I am so happy to introduce a new series of Fairy Tale Princesses I’ve designed for Cross Stitch Gold magazine. Cinderella is the first of three and you will find her in issue #90. She’s  filled with sparkling beads and shimmering metallic threads. For extra depth she is stitched on Polstitches 28 count hand dyed Fairy Dreams Jobelan. You can test out different fabric choices by going to Polstitches’ fabric viewer where you will find all of my fairies and goddesses ready to try out on Jo’s beautiful hand dyed fabrics. Also coming in future issues of Cross Stitch Gold are Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. What fun!


New York Lady


New york Lady

New York Lady © Joan A. Elliott

Now in preview in Cross Stitch Gold is the latest in the  series of  city fashionistas, my New York Lady. Out for a stroll in the big city this chic lady carries her bags filled with the latest styles fresh from the most fashionable shops around town. In the background the skyscrapers of the busy city reach to the sky. You’ll find this chart next month in issue 84. Next stop Paris!

On the Town

I have a new series of vintage ladies starting in Issue 81 of Cross Stitch Gold. There will be three different sophisticated city gals dressed to the nines and out for a stroll along the avenues and boulevards of the world’s most famous cities. Take a walk through vintage London with the first in the series. This commission was great fun to work on. I loved researching the fashions of the 20’s and 30’s and all the wonderful styles of the times not to mention how I love visiting and have such wonderful memories of London, a city  buzzing with life. Two more ladies will follow throughout this year. Can you guess what cities they will be from?


London Lady

London Lady © Joan A. Elliott photo courtesy of Origin Publishing, Ltd.

June Notes

As we look forward to  the  warmer weather our thoughts turn to  the pleasant times we can now spend outside. What a delight it would be to stroll down a quiet country lane with some friends. Now out in the latest issue of the World of Cross Stitching (#166), my country girl and her gaggle of geese seem just right to lead the way.

Country Girl

Girl with Geese copyright Joan A. Elliott

Also with this issue you will receive a booklet  containing a selection of  35 designs gathered from all of my books. They come to you with compliments of David and Charles, The World of Cross Stitching, and myself!

WOCX Chart Book

©Photo courtesy of Origin Publishing, Ltd.

In Cross Stitch Gold issue 76 you will see my Tree of Life. As many of you know, I love nature, watching birds, and seeing deer, fox, and raccoons (not to mention a bear feasting on a fallen limb of ripening apples and  a moose eating my azaleas!) when we spend time in Vermont. The tree of life encompasses all those experiences and more. These days, I think it’s especially important  to recognize the dignity of all living creatures and celebrate their existence.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life © Joan A. Elliott

Cross Stitch Collection issue #185 has my Swirling Peacock design. Inspired by the beautiful movement of the designs from the Art Nouveau era, this jeweled creature  takes us on a delightful flight of fancy.


Swirling Peacock © Joan A. Elliott

Coming next week…

I will be releasing the chartpack of  the Unicorn & Maiden towards the end of next week. Shipping will start on June 26th.

Unicorn & Maiden

Unicorn & Maiden ©Joan A. Elliott JE015

I love this time of year when I scramble to find time to putter in the garden. All the veggies are finally planted and foxglove, poppies, and iris are in bloom. What a delight to see the world burst into the lavish colors of early summer!

Here’s a pick from last week’s visit to Vermont. I am convinced there must be fairies in there somewhere. Perhaps hiding in all the weeds!

My Garden

June Delight © Joan A. Elliott

To all of my friends ‘downunder’ and elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere that are now in  the winter season, I send you warm thoughts and hope all this talk of gardening will ward off some of the winter chill.

Indian Brave

Now that folks are beginning to receive copies of Cross Stitch Gold issue 75, you will also see a preview of the Indian Brave  coming in the next issue, number 76. Yes, the Indian Maiden does have a partner! Stitched on the same beautiful ‘Earth’ hand dyed Jobelan from Polstitches he is also embellished with lovely metallics and beads. Please note that in the magazine Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads were used on both designs. If you would like to add an extra touch of elegance, I suggest trying Mill Hill Magnifica Beads for two of the colors. Stay with 02038, but for 02022 use 10028, and for 02088 use 10079. These  beads have an extra sparkle and a jewel-like delicacy that is perfect for these two  designs.

Native American brave © Joan A. Elliott

Native American Brave © Joan A. Elliott

A New Design

Just coming out in the newest issue, #75, of Cross Stitch Gold is my Native American Maiden. Anyone that has my Native American Cross Stitch book from David & Charles already knows how I love working with this theme. When Cross Stitch Gold proposed this commission I was thrilled to revisit it. The background scene is stitched in one strand to give an ethereal quality to the landscape and the gentle figure of the maiden is embellished with metallic threads and beads in traditional Native American colors.

Indian Maiden

Indian Maiden copyright Joan A. Elliott

I have some new things to show you from World of Cross Stitching too and will post  them within the next day or so. Back to the drawing board for now…

Holiday Preview

With summer’s end we can all start to think of the lovely autumn days that lie ahead. It’s never too early to start on some new  projects to celebrate the upcoming seasons. This month in the magazines I have four designs you may like to try your hand at. You’ll find links to all of these publishers on my Supplies and Resources page at right.
Photo ©Cross-Stitch & Needlework November 2008

Photo ©Cross-Stitch & Needlework November 2008 Design ©Joan A. Elliott

In the November issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine you will find my Give Thanks table setting. There are three designs for stitching on beautiful Light Oatmeal Royal Classic pre-finished place mats, bread covers and napkins, all available from Charles Craft. In designing these easy to stitch pieces I’ve used a rich autumn palette to add a bright touch to your Thanksgiving table.


Image ©Cross Stitcher   Issue 205     Design ©Joan A. Elliott

Image ©Cross Stitcher Issue 205 Design ©Joan A. Elliott

My Christmas Angel design is now out in Cross Stitcher (UK) from Future Publishing. I’ve used my favorite Kreinik gold threads and beautiful Mill Hill beads throughout which I hope lend an air of elegance to this heavenly figure. A few fractional stitches help to capture a graceful look in her face and hands but otherwise she is worked in full cross stitches.


Image ©The World of Cross Stitching    Issue 143    Design ©Joan A. Elliott

Image ©The World of Cross Stitching Issue 143 Design ©Joan A. Elliott

For The World of Cross Stitching I’ve done a loving portrait of Santa and Mrs. Claus. I hope they will carry a message of love and the joy of family to your home this Christmas.

Image © Cross stitch Gold     Issue 60                                  Design ©Joan A. Elliott

Image ©Cross Stitch Gold Issue 60 Design ©Joan A. Elliott

Here’s a fast and fun way for everyone to count down the days to Christmas. The whimsical Advent Calendar I’ve designed for Cross Stitch Gold is stitched on 14 count Aida with the numbers worked on 16 count Aida band. Assembly is fast and easy on this one and the tiny pockets are perfect for stuffing with little holiday sweets.


Image ©Crafts 'n Things October 2008     Design © Joan A. Elliott

Image ©Crafts 'n Things October 2008 Design ©Joan A. Elliott

 In the October issue of Crafts ‘n Things, from Amos Publishing, you’ll find my holiday kitchen set. Gentle doves and  festive holly sprigs adorn  the rich letters  and spell out the beautiful words we all think of during the Christmas Season… Peace, Joy, Love. The jar wrappers are stitched on Charles Craft’s 14 count Vinyl Aida. Wouldn’t they make a lovely way to present a jar of homemade jam or spiced fruit and nuts. You could also wrap these around a box full of Christmas candy or cookies, string them together to form a wonderful swag for an entryway, or make them up into hand made cards. I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of other creative uses. They are easy to stitch and working on the pliable vinyl is a breeze. Charles Craft’s Banded Huck towels  are just the ticket for a quick and easy handmade hostess gift to bring along on your holiday visits.

As far as other work goes. I’ve started on my machine embroidery book. What fun this one is! There is lots to learn and it certainly opens a world of creative possibilities! I’ve also sent in first sketches for two new cross stitch themes for Leisure Arts. I’ll keep you posted on developments. Some nice new  designs for the magazines are now being stitch and will be out in next year’s issues. So, it’s still as busy as ever here. 

We’ve been enjoying  incredible weather here in the Northeast for the past week or two. I love the Fall with it’s radiant color and that certain something in the air. Oh yes, I have three more holiday pieces in the magazines  coming next month. Until then, enjoy!

With fondest wishes-