Happy New Year!

JE301 © Happy Everything

Happy New Year Everyone! I thought I’d start off 2022 with something fun and whimsical. After many requests I have re-charted Happy Everything and it is now available as a chartpack. This designs has always made me smile and I wanted to share some of the joy with you in this ever changing world we live in.

JE292 Celtic Reflections

In a more reflective mode, here is my latest maiden to welcome the New Year with a peaceful spirit and a calming serenity. This design, Celtic Reflections, was inspired by the soft ancient woodlands of the British Isles, where magical fairies and benevolent spirits dwell in hidden places. Sparkling Kreinik threads and brilliant Mill Hill beads enhance the beauty of this gentle lady as she stops by a small woodland pool filled with magic. Pictured on Polstitches Designs 28 count ‘raindrops©’ Lugana to complete the misty forest atmosphere.

Wishing you all a New Year filled with good health and much happiness.

XOX Joan

Give Thanks for All Things

JE296 © Give Thanks for All Things

I love Autumn! The crisp sunny days, changing leaves in brilliant hues and all the little forest critters preparing for the coming colder weather. It has always seemed the perfect time for reflection and gratitude for the things we hold close to our hearts.

This Sampler celebrates the gifts of family and friends, for the support, comfort, and love they give in times of need and the joy they bring into our lives, and for our precious earth and the bounty it provides. Whether it is Thanksgiving time here in the US or any other time of year, let’s give thanks for all things great and small.