A New Special Box!

News from Polstitches Designs, my official distributor in the UK… Our next Special Box! The designs are always a wonderful surprise, so stay tuned.

All details and ordering are at www.polstitches-designs.co.uk

Jo Critchley writes:

A Box of Flowers: It is hard to imagine anything more delightful than a box filled to the brim with colourful blooms as they are one of the areas I draw most of my inspiration from. I will be on the lookout for flowers to inspire the beautiful flower fabrics hues. Personally, for Joan, I can only hope for a new flower fairy! So many flowers pop to mind … Orchid, Daisies or even a collection of wildflowers. Exciting times and possibly one of the best box themes so far! Polstitches Special Boxes feature large commissioned designs by both Joan Elliott and Polstitches! and two 18″ X 27″ pieces of fabric in the count of your choice (28, 32, 14 and 16 cts available). The fabrics and the designs are not linked and will make wonderful additions to your stash. Boxes are £57 GBP (approx $79 USD) and payments will be acccepted till Dec 20th with the box approx dispatch Jan 4th. Please note no refunds or cancellations will be processed after Dec 20th. Numbers are limited. Polstitches Designs ships internationally.

**Please note any products purchased alongside this box with not be dispatched till the box is due for dispatch or they reach your allotted space in the dye queue. For all queries and orders for this special box please contact Polstitches Designs: https://www.polstitches-designs.co.uk/

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