Deco Style

Deco lady

Deco Lady
© Joan A. Elliott
photo © Cross Stitch Crazy
Immediate Media, Co

You’ll find my Deco Lady portrait in the current Issue # 203 of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine. This young woman is ready for the evening in her chic fur stole and dazzling finery. Necklaces and jewels of pearls, jade, and onyx sparkle and shine against her silky skin and candy pink dress. I’ve used lots of Mill Hill beads and Kreinik metallic braid to set the mood. This issue of the magazines is on the news stands now in the UK and will come across the pond in a week or two. Enjoy!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stitching Noni
    Apr 17, 2015 @ 00:22:50

    She is gorgeous! Love the colours!
    I can’t wait to get hold the mag – might be a long wait though as it takes about 2 months to get down under! :o)
    Thank you for designing such lovely ladies!
    Hugs xx


  2. Rosemarie Pierce
    Apr 17, 2015 @ 02:04:39

    Joan, OMG…elegant and beautiful! Can’t wait to get mine AND the bride and groom in Collection!
    You make us happy in our love for your designs!
    Love, Rosemarie


  3. Teresa
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 14:12:18

    She is beautiful!


  4. Alison
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 15:30:29

    she is really beautifull!


  5. Rosemarie Pierce
    Apr 26, 2015 @ 04:59:34

    Dear Joan, This is probably asking the impossible, but would you ever consider selling the charts for your angels from 2006? It was so hard to acquire any U.K. issues at that time, here in the U.S. I luckily bought the last series in The World of Cross Stitching issue 117 , but I would love to have the others, too. I would love to pick a couple out and make pillows for family members. I love, love YOUR faces and expressions in all your designs. These are so delightful!
    Love, Rosemarie


  6. joanelliott
    Apr 26, 2015 @ 12:09:53

    Hi Rosemarie-
    The Year of Angels? I have the charts ready for a chartpack if you would like to purchase. I need to check on the price. I’ll be back to you on this tomorrow.
    X Joan


  7. Rosemarie Pierce
    Apr 26, 2015 @ 16:16:56

    Joan, Oh my goodness, my long whispered prayer has been answered!!! Yes, the year in angels, that’s it!
    I browse past magazine issues when I take a break from stitching. Of course, this chart of yours, then that one, makes my heart jump as I flip through the pages. Be assured that we are always stitching your designs, there are so many that are relevant to our likes and lives.
    Today is a good day, I was afraid to see your reply, now I will be smiling all day!
    Your color palette is genius for these (and all), I can’t wait to get started! Those cute angels smiling back as I stitch! Thank you, thank you!
    Love, Rosemarie


  8. Rosemarie Pierce
    May 01, 2015 @ 14:40:38

    Joan, Any chance you have the ‘Year in Angels’ ready for a chartpack yet? I and many others would be thrilled to own these angels. Thank you.
    Love, Rosemarie


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