Native American Alphabet


Native American Alphabet © Joan A. Elliott from Native American Cross Stitch

Native American Alphabet © Joan A. Elliott from Native American Cross Stitch


I’ve received a few emails from folks who are stitching the Native American Alphabet from my book, Native American Cross Stitch. They’ve all asked for a list of the meanings behind the illustrations that accompany each letter. Much to my own amazement, amidst the chaos that is my studio, I have found my original notes from when I was working on this design. Enjoy!

A- armadillo, arrow, desert aster, adobe, acorn
B- buffalo, bow, beads, bear claw, basket, butterfly
C- concha, cactus, canoe, chilies
D- dragonfly, dress, dream catcher
E- eagle, medicine man’s eye 
F- feather, fox, friendship symbol (crossed arrows), symbol of the four ages
G- gecko, gourds, grain basket, grasses
H- headdress, horse, hand, Hopi circle
I- Indian maiden, Indian corn, Indian baskets
J- jimson weed, jack rabbit, symbol for journey(saddle bags)
K- kokopelli, kachina doll, kiva symbol
L- lariat, lizard, lightening symbols
M- moose, mountain symbols, moccasins, man, moon, morning star symbol
N- Native American needlework
O- otter, owl, obsidian arrow, oak leaves
P- pine bow, pipe, pottery
Q- quail, quilt
R- rain clouds, rooster, rattlesnake, rug, rain symbol
S- sheep, silver, sun symbol
T- turquoise, teepee, time symbol, track symbol
U- unicorn plant, legend of uktena symbol(snake), Ute symbol
V- vision quest symbols
W- weaving, wolf, water symbols
X- xeriscape
Y- Yeii figure, symbols for  years (days and nights)
Z- Zuni sun face and carving

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Carien
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 13:38:04

    Thanks for this list. I must say I had fun trying to figure out what each letter represented, but missed quite a few.


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